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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Moses Vegh's tribute to Paul Stern (1926 - 2013)

[These remarks were written by the late Moses Vegh to honor Paul Stern after his passing in February 2013]

When I think of our beloved brother Paul, I immediately was reminded of the famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren. He was most noted for his remarkable buildings, including 52 churches that he built during the restoration of London, after the great London Fire. His greatest work was St. Paul’s Cathedral which still stands as a vital monument in London. In fact on Sir Christopher’s epitaph, inscribed in marble in the Crypt of St. Paul’s he wrote: "IF YOU SEEK MY MONUMENT LOOK ABOUT YOU!"
Eleanor and Paul Stern

So today, as we look back down memories lane, I have so many wonderful memories of Paul and Eleanor, his beloved wife. Our first encounter was when the great Latter Rain revival had drawn them to Detroit in early 1948.

We were there when they were commissioned by the word of the Lord to launch out on their missions ventures into Africa. While they were in New York waiting to board ship for Africa, Paul met Lutheran pastor Harald Bredesen (who was passing by on his bike) and ministered to him the Holy Spirit. Harald touched Pat Robertson and many other luminaries of the faith!

We reconnected many years later in Findlay, Ohio, where Paul and Eleanor came to help us lay sound foundations and introduced us to Pat Gruits' catechism. These were awesome days of growth, and we had many years of reciprocation with Paul and subsequently with all the family.

Our journeys included Nigeria, Haiti, Kenya, Congo, and Hungary. Betty and I were thrilled to have them come and live with us in Budapest as they ministered in Romania and Bulgaria. We also reached out to many of the former Soviet nations including: Moldova, and Kiev, in the Ukraine. They taught us SKIPBO!

Paul was a dear brother, always ready to share the Word. We had great times sparring in the Word, and the sparks did fly as we sharpened our axes! Paul’s magnanimous spirit always shone through.

IF you seek his monument you will find it all around you today in: his offspring a rich deposit of his faith and love for his Lord; his undying zeal to carry the Gospel to the nations; and he and Eleanor’s latter adventures in fulfilling their prophetic mandate from their early beginnings in Bethesda in Detroit.

They have opened a great King's Kids home and school in Nairobi, which is now being shepherded by Jon and Molly and a wonderful band of grands and great grands.

Multitudes have been touched by this great general in the Lord’s army, and by his seed that continues to proliferate and to bring forth much fruit in so many places.

IF you still are seeking his monument, keep looking around you from Detroit to Africa to Danville, IL, to St. Louis and Tulsa and right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. The legacy of St. Paul shines forth, and our hearts embrace you Eleanor and your great bouquet of precious sons, daughter, and a vast quiver full of arrows that are destined to hit the mark, traveling a whole lot farther than you and Paul have been.

To God be the Glory!

Revelation 14:13, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints ... that they may rest from their labors....”

Paul Stern (1980)Paul Stern (1980) Fri, Mar 7, 1980 – 11 · () ·

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