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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Leonard Fox: a prince of preachers

Leonard Fox, pastor of Muscoy Community Church in California, and his wife Rozella
[the following tribute was published on and is used here by permission]

by Dick Iverson

Leonard Fox, one of the great patriarchs of our movement went to be with the Lord on April 7, 2012, joining his wife Rozella in heaven where they are now rejoicing with so many of my great heroes that have gone ahead.
Leonard Fox

Leonard  was a prince of preachers, giving us what we called “sermonic gems.”  He was a great friend of our church and no one who sat under his ministry could forget his expository messages.  He knew the Word and his messages were centered on the Word.  He was a man of prayer and it wasn’t unusual for him to ask “How’s your prayer life?”

He was a great prophet and always seemed to hit the mark.  He blessed us for decades through his ministry in our prophetic assemblies.  We will miss him greatly but he left his mark on hundreds and hundreds of pastors and leaders all over the world.

He was my friend indeed.  We were both racquetball players and he found it hard to minister anywhere unless there was a racquetball court available.  That’s one reason he lived into his 90’s.  He really took care of himself by exercising faithfully, and I played right along side of him.  The younger guys would take him on and beat him for two or three games but he would just keep playing and eventually wear them out!

It’s often been said there are no friends like old friends.  We were friends for over 50 years.  I will be forever grateful for what he imparted to me as a young pastor looking for guidance and direction.

What a welcome this great man of God must have received when he entered heaven!

[The sermon below by Leonard Fox was recorded at an Elim Bible Institute camp meeting in 1967.]

Roxie and Dick Iverson

Dick Iverson was founder of City Bible Church, Portland Bible College, and Ministers Fellowship International.

He and his wife Roxy frequently minister in the United States and abroad. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and at

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  1. You must have known Leonard Fox when his church was "Inland Christian Center" but I knew him when he was pastor at the Full Gospel Community Church. He didn't play racquetball then as his 6 children were young. I was dedicated in 1953 maybe and have the card signed by Rozella Fox. I was doing some research for my life story. Glad to find this.