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Monday, 26 March 2018

Jim Watt recalls the LRM's earliest history

by Archibald Thackeray

Jim Watt (1923 - 2014)
Yesterday, a query from a very good friend resulted in the discovery of this helpfully informative video of Jim Watt, one of the original seven elders at the revival site in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, giving an account of the earliest days what became known to many as the Latter Rain revival.

Jim, who died in 2014, gives an insider's candid and, at times, even lighthearted account of the mighty move of God that he was an important part of.

Among the topics he covers are:
  • Milford Kirkpatrick was the first to be prophesied over in North Battleford
  • The first LR experience of the 'heavenly choir'
  • The names of the seven elders that presided over the July 1948 camp meeting in North Battleford (George Hawtin, Ern Hawtin, P. G. Hunt, Herrick Holt, Reg Layzell, A. W. Rasmussen, and Jim Watt)
  • The commitment of those elders to act in unity and not unilaterally
  • Ern Baxter's mixed reaction to the revival
  • The lack of Hebrew and Greek scholarship among the North Battleford leaders contributed to the Word not always serving as a "plumbline" for the North Battleford expression of the revival
  • His assessment that the keys to the revival were "obedience and unity"
  • How George Warnock came to write what many believe was the most significant book of the LRM, The Feast of Tabernacles (personally, I believe that is debatable)
Here is the 30-minute long video:


  1. if not brother warnocks book then whose??

    1. Patricia Beall Gruits' book, Understanding God, with over one million copies in distribution, is my suggestion. Also noteworthy, but not having the same high profile as Warnock's and Gruits', are Mom Beall's, The Plumb Line, and Raymond Hoekstra's, The Latter Rain (I confess that I have not read Hoekstra's). I should also add that I am not fully persuaded by Warnock's hermeneutical conclusions.