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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

So you think you know the Latter Rain Movement, huh?

This tough 28-question quiz will determine just how much you do actually know (answers can be found after the photo below ... and good news - just 14 correct answers earns you the designation, expert):

1)   The church in Vancouver, British Columbia pastored by Reg Layzell was called _______ _____.

2)   The memoir that Myrtle Beall wrote in the Latter Rain Evangel (the memoir was presented as a series of articles beginning in July 1951) was entitled _____ _____ _____ _____ _____.

3)   True or false:   William Branham was involved in the Latter Rain Movement of 1948.

4)   True or false:   Paul Cain and Earl Paulk were involved in the Latter Rain Movement of 1948.

5)   Who was the general superintendent of the Assemblies of God from 1949 - 52?

6)   What are the names of the three choruses attributed to James Lee Beall?
  • _____ _____ _____ _____
  • _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
  • _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
7)   True or false:   all Latter Rain churches believed in the heresy that became known as the Manifest Sons of God teaching.

8)   Match the Latter Rain minister with the region he was from:

          Earl Lee                       East Coast

          Raymond Hoekstra     Midwest

          Ivan Spencer               South

          Carl Neal                    West Coast

9)   The book that most thoroughly documents the history of the Latter Rain Movement was written by what college professor? _____ _____

10)   Which highly-respected Pentecostal minister gave his full support to the Latter Rain Movement:   L. Thomas Holdcroft, Stanley Frodsham, or Donald Gee? (there is only one correct answer)

11)   Name the bible teacher that traveled with William Branham for many years, spoke in several Latter Rain churches, and was later involved in the Shepherding/Discipleship Movement? _____ _____

12)   What female Latter Rain minister built a mission in Haiti that includes a hospital? _____ _____

13)   The Latter Rain Movement of 1948 started in which location:   Los Angeles, California ... Houston, Texas ... Detroit, Michigan ... North Battleford, Saskatchewan ... Vancouver, British Columbia ?

14)   What Latter Rain minister was one of the founders of the Network of Christian Ministries? _____ _____

15)   Churches on the west coast that experienced the 1948 revival often eschewed the term, Latter Rain; instead, several of them gathered together annually in Apple Valley, California or Chico, California and called themselves _____ Fellowship

16)   Which minister was not at Sharon Orphanage and Schools in 1948:   Milford Kirkpatrick ... Violet Kiteley ... Winston Nunes? (there is only one correct answer)

17)   Name the Pentecostal minister who was never associated with the Latter Rain Movement:  Lewi Pethrus, Sweden ... Paul Stutzman, Philippines ... Tommy Barnett, Davenport, Iowa ... Thomas Wyatt, Portland, Oregon ... Bill Britton, Springfield, Missouri ?  (there is only one correct answer)

18)   What was the last name of the brothers who sponsored the Dixie Camp Meeting(s) in Texas? _____

19)   Who pastored the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  church that was one of the earliest in the U. S. to align itself with the Latter Rain Movement? _____ _____

20)   True or false:  one of the distinctive practices of the Latter Rain churches was the laying on of hands for prophecy.

21)   Myrtle Beall's radio program was called _____ _____ _____ _____.

22)   Which bible college was not associated with the Latter Rain Movement of 1948:  Rhema Bible Training College, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma ... Elim Bible Institute, Lima, New York ?

23)   George Hawtin's brother's first name was _____

24)   Joseph Mattsson-Boze pastored the Philadelphia Church in what city? _____

25)   What female pastor led a church in Seattle, Washington and was known for prophetic parables? _____ _____

26)   What minister had a program on the Mutual Radio Network beginning in 1953? _____ _____

27)   What is the name of the female evangelist who told Myrtle Beall about the revival going on in Canada in 1948? You can give either her maiden name: _____ _____ or her married name: _____ _____

28)   Which one of the two ministers pictured below was married to a former student of bible school in North Battleford, Saskatchewan? _____ _____


1)  Glad Tidings
2)   A Hand on My Shoulder ... it can be read online here
3)  False ... early Latter Rain ministers like the Hawtins took interest in - and were motivated by - Branham's ministry, but it is incorrect to say that Branham ever had direct involvement in the Latter Rain Movement of 1948 
4)  False ... Cain is more accurately associated with the healing evangelists that aligned themselves with the Voice of Healing magazine (the Voice of Healing evangelists were on the rise and active at about the same time as the LRM of 1948). Cain has stated many times that he was influenced by the Latter Rain Movement of 1948, but there is no documentation that he was ever part of the movement. Paulk was for many years a Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee) minister; later, when Paulk became an independent minister his good friend Bishop John Meares of Washington D. C. introduced him to many ministers in the Latter Rain Movement, but as with Branham and Cain it is incorrect to link Paulk to the Latter Rain Movement of 1948
5)  Wesley Steelberg ... he was a strong opponent of the Latter Rain Movement 
6)  "Oh River of God" ... "Let the Oppressed Go Free" ... "It Shall Flow Like A River"
7)  False ... the teaching, which gravely misinterprets Paul's words in Romans 8:18-24, was not embraced by most Latter Rain churches and caused a break fellowship with the heretics that promoted it ... among other things, proponents of the heresy taught that it did not matter what they did in their mortal bodies because they had been spiritually glorified ...
8)  Earl Lee (WEST COAST - Los Angeles, California) ... Raymond Hoekstra (MIDWEST - Indianapolis, Indiana) ... Ivan Spencer (EAST COAST - Lima, New York) ... Carl Neal (SOUTH - Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
9)  Richard Riss ... Dr. Riss is a professor at Pillar College in Newark, New Jersey. His book is entitled, Latter Rain: The Latter Rain Movement of 1948 and the Mid-Twentieth Century Evangelical Awakening.
11)  Ern Baxter
12)  Patricia Gruits ... her ministry is called Rhema International.
13)  You can count your answer correct if you chose either North Battleford or Detroit. Historian Richard Riss considers North Battleford to have been the place, whereas Bethesda Missionary Temple, while acknowledging a revival had begun in North Battleford, asserts that what happened in Detroit was what became known specifically as, Latter Rain.
14)  Charles Green ... Green told New Wine magazine in December 1985, "The Network of Christian Ministries started in July 1983 when John Gimenez, pastor of Rock Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Emanuele Cannistraci, pastor of Evangel Christian Fellowship, San Jose, California, and I began to feel that something positive should be done to reach across barriers and join the different facets of the body of Christ."
15)  Revival
16)  Winston Nunes ... Nunes was however at Glad Tidings in November 1948 when the Hawtins, who were the leaders of the Sharon work, ministered for a couple of weeks.
17)  Tommy Barnett ... Barnett has always been an Assemblies of God minister. Decades ago he pastored in Davenport, Iowa, but currently he is co-pastor of one of America's largest churches in Phoenix, Arizona (Barnett is also the founder of that church)
18)  Pemberton ... Modest and Garlon were their first names. The Dixie Camp Meeting(s) were held in Houston.
19)  Fred Poole
20)  True ... this practice is maintained today by most churches with Latter Rain roots and is often identified as, calling a presbytery (for the purpose of prophetic ministry). Historic Pentecostal denominations have often taken issue with the predictive and directive nature of such prophecies.
22)  Rhema Bible Training College ... Rhema in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was founded by the late Kenneth E. Hagin and is in no way associated with Patricia Gruits' Rhema International missionary endeavor.
23)  Ern ... the Hawtins were from North Battleford, Saskatchewan. He gave a prophecy over M. D. Beall in Vancouver in 1948 that confirmed what the Lord had spoken to her heart about the church she pastored, Bethesda Missionary Temple, being an armory.
24)  Chicago
25)  Charlotte Baker was known for lengthy, story-like prophecies like this one, which came to be entitled, The Eye of the Needle
26)  Thomas Wyatt's program, Wings of Healing, had coast-to-coast coverage of the U. S. by being on the Mutual Radio Network
27) Vera Ludlum or Vera Bachle ... she was an Assemblies of God evangelist who, before her career was over, preached in all 50 states and every province in Canada. Both she and Myrtle Beall were dropped from the AG ministers list by the end of 1949 (along with Paul and Lura Grubb; AG Pentecostal Evangel editor Stanley Frodsham was allowed to resign).
28)  The minister on the right, Dick Iverson, who pastored Bible Temple in Portland, Oregon and founded Ministers Fellowship International and Portland Bible College. His late wife, Edie, attended the bible school in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. The minister on the left is T. L. Osborn, the famed healing evangelist.


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